Stock Blanks

Shotgun stock blanks in French & Turkish Walnut

A shotgun stock blank is predominantly made from French or Turkish walnut and both woods are widely used in the gun making industry. Both offer beautiful colouring and fine figure and each has its own innate merits that allow for personal taste.

Andy holds an excellent selection of walnut shotgun stock blanks for customers and can source pieces to suit your specific shotgun stocking project. There’s plenty to choose from to suit single guns or pairs.

The stock blank wood is generally graded AAA, AA and A with Exhibition Grade being extra special.

A successful shotgun stock needs a close tight grain with a good weight and consistency. As the shotgun stock is created out of one piece, the stockmaker needs to be able to work the wood without risk of splitting.

Consider the Fore-ends

When a shotgun fore-end is also required, it makes the choice of wood even more important to the success of the finished piece. If the fore-end is cut from the same blank, the continuity of figure and wood colour is carried through the pieces giving the finished gun more balance and continuity.

Of course, it’s not always possible to cut the fore-end out of the same blank due to the way it’s been processed, but in these cases, Andy will select the closest match possible.

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