Stockmaking is the part of the gun-making process where the wood and metal are united technically and aesthetically.

A stock blank is selected and the work begins. The wood is cut in relief to accept the main action body and all of the internal working mechanisms. Once complete, the stock is shaped to bespoke measurements and prepared for finishing and checkering. The wood is oiled by hand to acquire a rich lustre and to keep the checker cuts clean and sharp.

  • Re-stocking
  • Stock Alterations
  • Wood sourcing and supply
  • Re-finishing and specialist woodwork

Stock making for singles and pairs, side-locks and box-locks are Andy’s speciality and he has forged working alliances with the leading gun manufacturers and traders in the UK.

The craft of the stock maker involves carving, cutting, shaping and fitting the metal to the wood.

Andy Duncan creates stocks for quality brand new guns through to cherished and highly valued vintage guns, singles or pairs. If one of your pair is broken or damaged Andy will craft a new stock to match the existing stock.

Andy’s stockmaking experience includes a number of the most well known makers such as James Purdey & Sons, Holland & Holland, Boss, Westley Richards and many more.

There is a surprising level of intricate carving behind the metal work. It’s a skill in itself to cut, shape and carve in three dimensions so the workings and moving parts of the gun’s internal mechanism sit tightly and securely within the wood.

For advice and information

Give Andy a call on 07785 960008. You can also contact him using the Contact page or via email at: if you require an initial assessment, quotation or lead times.

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