Holland & Holland re-stock

Gun stock in French walnut to bespoke measurements

I was recently asked to re-stock a Holland & Holland Royal shotgun.

The gun was a sidelock action with hand detachable locks.

This gun was, what’s described in the trade as, a self-opening ejector gun.
‘Self Opening’ is a slightly misleading term and in my opinion, and would better be described as Assisted Opening.

Stage 1

The client selected a good quality French walnut blank for the new stock which was made to his bespoke measurements. French walnut is my preferred choice but it’s quite difficult to get. Turkish walnut is readily available as is Californian grown walnut.

Stage 2

At first glance you may think that all stocks look the same, but look closely and you’ll notice subtle differences.

Most gunmakers incorporate shapes and styling into their stocks that are very specific to their name. Holland & Holland are no different in this regard and this new stock incorporated the diamond grip/hand. You do sometimes see this on other gun makes but usually by request rather than as standard.

Stage 3

The stocking process went well and a good fit between wood and metal was achieved. The fit was made easier by virtue of the quality of the walnut which cut beautifully and cleanly.

Stage 4

I’m very happy with the finished stock. The in-letting is excellent and the shapes are all correct. The checker and oil finishing was carried out elsewhere so I can’t show the finished gun.

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