Shotgun Stock making

Shotgun stock maker Andy Duncan

Shotgun Stockmaker Andy Duncan


Shotgun stock making is a very precise craft. The fit of the metal to wood needs to be exact, in certain areas the fit is critical if the stock is to give longevity.

The first stage for the stock maker is the wood selection. Choosing the right piece of wood is important, not only for it’s appearance but for its weight and strength. A heavier more dense stock blank will offer greater strength and durability and barring any accidental damage will last many years.

Once the wood has been selected the stock maker can begin the crafting. Individual measurements are built into the stock during the making ensuring a good fit to the shooter. All shapes and sizes can be catered for.

After the stock has been crafted it is then ready for the wood to be finished. The stock maker will apply many coats of linseed oil to the shotgun stock or fore-end in order to feed the raw timber. There are then two options for final finish, French polish which is a bright shiny  finish or oil finish, which has a softer satin lustre.

Please contact Andy to discuss your stockmaking requirements.