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Andy Duncan, stockmaker, has over 40 years of craftmanship experience in the gun trade. Working from his purpose built workshop in Yattendon, Berkshire, Andy’s wealth of experience extends across all aspects of the craft from sourcing fine quality wood to suit single guns and pairs through to the finished stock.

Andy Duncan also has a vast knowledge of shot gun repairs and general maintenance work, so whether you require specialist woodworking skills, stock repairs or general repairs, contact Andy for a quote and lead time.

Stockmaking Stock Alterations
Re-stocking Wood sourcing and supply
Re-finishing and specialist woodwork

The craft of the stockmaker involves carving, cutting, shaping and fitting the wood to the metal.

Andy Duncan creates stocks for quality brand new guns through to cherished and highly valued vintage guns, singles or pairs. If one of your pair is broken or damaged Andy will craft a new stock to match the existing stock.

There is a surprising level of intricate carving behind the metal work. It’s a skill in itself to cut, shape and carve in three dimensions so the workings and moving parts of the gun’s internal mechanism sit tightly and securely within the wood.

If you need a stockmaker to replace, repair or re-finish your shotgun, please contact Andy on 07785 960008. Alternatively please contact him via  for an assessment, quotation and lead time.


Stock making is a very precise craft. The fit of the metal to wood… (more…)

Stock Blanks

Excellent selection of AAA, AA and A grade walnut stock blanks. (more…)

Stockmaker News...

Andy has just carried out a repair to the stock of a cherished WW1 Springfield Rifle, though a small job for him he restored the stock with all the care and precision of the true craftsman he undoubtable is.  Thanks and much appreciated. FC

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